Holly has a radio broadcasting degree from Columbia College in Chicago and a MA from Spertus College of Judaica in Non Profit Administration. Holly believes in being an agent for change and advocates “giving” to others even if it’s a kind word. One day a week, Holly’s program highlights the concept of “Social Media with a Purpose,” and gives tribute to those who are changing the world via digital platforms.

Laura George on Digital Business Hour

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Laura C George


Laura C George
, a business coach for creative types, shares her tips on Holly’s Digital Advice.  Laura talks creativity on art and gives you her 4 Tips to Social Media Ease! Laura will describe the personalities of each social media platform and why you have to accept the process of monetizing relationships, once and for all.

Holly will explore with Laura the following:

  • 4 Tips to Social Media Ease-
  • approaching different social media platforms for business (the personalities)
  • monetizing relationships (ethics and accepting)
  • What do I post on social media?

Laura also shares how she found her passion and is now helping other people find their own niche and market it in a creative way!

Beth Katz on Digital Business Hour

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Beth Katz -- The Interfaith NetworkBeth Katz is Founder and Executive Director of Project Interfaith. Beth gotbitten by the interfaith bug in college, where she first got involved in interfaithwork as the co-founder of a student interfaith group. Her passion for creating aworld where people of all faiths, beliefs, and cultures are valued and includedled her to come back to her hometown of Omaha after graduate school to startProject Interfaith. Beth frequently presents on Project Interfaith’s mission andwork at local, national, and international events including at the Istanbul Forumof the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, the Annual Meeting of theAmerican Academy of Religion, and at the 2009 Parliament of the World’sReligions. She is a 2011 fellow of the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship for SocialEntrepeneurship.

About Project Interfaith:

Project Interfaith, a non-profit based in Omaha, Nebraska, growsunderstanding, respect and relationships among people of all faiths, beliefs andcultures through a diverse array of face-to-face and multimedia programmingand products. We strive to create a community and world where people of allfaiths, beliefs and cultures are valued, included and protected. As such, we seekto serve as a leader and resource on interfaith relations and religious andcultural diversity. Our work has been recognized by a variety of institutions atlocal, national and international levels. These include the White House, the U.S.State Department, the UN Alliance of Civilizations, and Harvard University’sPluralism Project, which has called our work “among the most innovative in thecountry.” Project Interfaith also was noted for our groundbreaking use of socialmedia to foster understanding and dialogue by Georgetown University’s BerkleyCenter for Religion, Peace and World Affairs in its May 2010 report BridgingBabel: New Social Media and Interreligious and Intercultural Understanding.

Harry Gold on Digital Business Hour


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Harry GoldHarry started his online career in 1995 when he founded Interactive Promotions. Since then he has been at the forefront in developing successful online programs for various agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Harry brings to Overdrive a highly distinguished background in online development, marketing and media that goes back over 10 years. As the architect and conductor behind Overdrive’s programs, Harry’s primary mission is to create innovative marketing programs based on real world success and make sure that the best marketing and technology practices that drive those successes are continually institutionalized into the culture and methods of the agency. What excites Harry is the knowledge that Overdrive’s collaborative environment has created a company of online marketing experts who all drive success online for our clients and the companies they serve.

Harry is a frequent lecturer on such topics as search engine optimization, paid search management, social media marketing and online media throughout Boston for The New England Direct Marketing Association, The Ad Club, UMass Boston and Boston University.

Devon Edwards and Phil Sharp on Digital Business Hour

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Devon Edwards

Served more than 15 years in the Armed Forces and upon retiring from Military went to Film school. Attended and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Film. Worked as an Assistant Editor on 2 Independent Feature films: “Blessed and Cursed” ( DVD at Wal-Mart, Red Box, On Demand, and Netflix), “Dreams” (currently in market with Major Production Companies). Worked on several Chicagoland Chevy Commercials, Concerts, DVD recordings of artists such as Phil Tarver, Chris Searcy, Vicky Yohe, Mali Music, etc. Currently pursuing MFA at DePaul University in Cinema Productions. Lastly, but certainly not least is that I am launching own Film Company “Inspire-Films” Coming Soon.

Phil Sharp

A recent study from researchers at Wharton, Yale and Harvard suggests that when you’re pressed for time, a great way to be more productive is to help others. Yet, when you’re busy, lending a helping hand is often low on your priority list.
That’s why Good Deed Time was created.
Every week our members are emailed one specific good deed to accomplish. With all of us focused on accomplishing the same good deed, we’re bound to make people smile, make a difference in the world, and make ourselves more productive.

Quick facts:

-We have spent absolutely no money promoting the site. All sign ups have come through social media channels, community powered sites, and word of mouth.

-So far we’ve send letters and packages to a young girl with leukemia, sent supplies to the Atlanta Humane Society, and wrote letters of thanks to military families.

Marc Ensign on Digital Business Hour

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Marc EnsignMarc is an Internet Marketing geek specializing in search engine optimization, social media and digital design. His approach to success in search engine optimization and social media is based on embracing the rules as opposed to finding the temporary holes. While everyone else is looking for the easy way out, his methodology is based on putting in the work up front and building sustainable success. Matt Cutts from Google publicly called his strategy “solid” while those that he has worked with have actually benefited from the recent Google algorhythm updates. Marc has a blog where he writes a lot of nifty stuff around Internet Marketing, although he has been known to sneak something in there about his previous time spent as a professional musician. He used to be a fairly successful musician a few years ago…He performed on Broadway, recorded an album with R. Kelly and wrote a bunch of books. In everything Marc does, he tries to keep the language pretty geek-free to make sure that everyone can benefit from what he is speaking about.

Russ Hearl on Digital Business Hour

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Russ Hearl -- EvertalkHave you ever wondered… What happens to ypur digital assets and legacy after you die? As we increasingly live our lives online, we now collect relatively few physical artifacts to pass along to our children, friends, and family. Social networks like Facebook have evolved to become the hubs for our digital lives: Photos, messages, comments, likes, and more.

Evertalk is creating a digital anthology by empowering people to create a digital afterlife for their lost friends, family and heroes. Evertalk empowers users to create this digital legacy within the application already used by 950 million people worldwide, Facebook. People use Evertalk to not only celebrate and remember their lost loved ones, but also to create a separate, personalized space to share photos and memories while collabrating with friends and family members so they may pass down a digital legacy that may not exist in a physical format. Evertalk also enables families to crowdsource donations to help pay down formidable hospital bills and funeral services costs.

For these many reasons, users of Evertalk and many in the media have called Evertalk “Innovative”, “Special”, and “Beautifully thoughtful”.  To learn more about Evertalk, go to www.everta.lk or get the app at: https://apps.facebook.com/evertalk



Heather Lutze on Digital Business Hour

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Heather LutzeThumbonomics…Heather Lutz Nails It!

I got the pleasure of interviewing heather Lutze, CEO & Founder of The Findability Group, a search marketing agency located in Denver, CO. Heather is hot on the circuit and hard to schedule for an interview. But after reading Heather’s new book, “Thumbonomics,” I know why everyone is quick to secure her as a speaker. The book is a page turner. Usually, I scan a book in preparation for an interview and promise myself to read it at some point in my life. Not this one. Heather gives clear insight on how to integrate social media into the workplace. And our radio interview walks us through that process. Remember, when roaming the internet on company time was forbidden and you would sneak a peek at your email? Now, social media has changed our relationship with the internet and regular duties include tweeting, checking the company facebook page and finding rich content that would add to the company branding process. Wow! How times have changed. Heather and I talk about the phrase she coined; “findability factor.” In Heather’s own words it translates to,” Findability…visibility and activity means increased search engine ranking for findability.” Our interview gives listeners insight on how to raise digital awareness on the job for the job. There has been a surge of interest about implementing social media and many corporations and small business owners grapple with the big question….does social media really have a place at work? According to Heather it does! Of course we discuss how the big five: Blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can enhance “how” your business is found on the web. And we also discuss QRcodes which Heather has at the end of every chapter to encourage instant feedback about her book. I’m sure this will be a tactic that many use in their books from now on. Thumbonomics reminds us how connected everyone is to texting, blogging, surfing the web and all the activities that have launched us into a new lifestyle. Heather shares her insights with me in the same carefree style in which she writes!

Eric Yaverbaum on Digital Business Hour

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Eric YaverbaumEric Yaverbaum is the Best Selling Author of six books including the famed Public Relations For Dummies .

With more than 25 years of experience to the practice of public relations, Eric has earned a reputation for his unique expertise in strategic media relations, crisis communications, and media training. He co-founded Jericho Communications in 1985, the 11th ranked PR firm in the country to work for and served as its president before it’s successful merger in 2005. He then founded Ericho Communications in 2006 and has offices in New York City and White Plains.

In 2011, Eric joined forces with the top social media experts in the industry to launch four social media magazines (Tweeting & Business, FB & Business, LI & Business, The Big G & Business) which has a combined business circulation of over 14 million. 

Bill Corbett on Digital Business Hour

In this interview, Bill Corbett discusses the importance of having a social media plan AND a marketing plan.

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Bill recently presented to a small group 30 or 40 people.  Only 25 percent or less had any personal marketing plan or a plan for social media activities

People should not waste their time if they don’t have a plan;

Plans should have:

Mission statement/personal passion statement, goals (financial or other), budgets (time and financial), messages and themes, identify differentiators and competitive advantages, and identify target audiences, also identify which social sites and other marketing vehicles work best or are where customers and prospects are.  Finally how to measure results.  Roi and (Return on effort) ROE are difficult to determine.

  • Why is video important – YouTube and Tout  (mobile app and website) – why you need to be on YouTube, what your videos should say and look like  – some tips and general strategies
  • Why you need a blog, its where your brand comes to life. The social media and personal branding perspectives.
  • LinkedIn – business strategies and why you need a photo, why you need to have a 100 percent completed profile and tactics for creating a powerful profile.  Applications and add  on also.
  • LinkedIn – Mistakes there are many that people make –  I have about a dozen
  • Facebook tips – video, apps and photos.   Let your personal side connect with your business life, its ok, and this is one way people get to know you and build trust
  • Twitter  – I can also provide some Twitter tips and tactics

Promoting your brand online. I can discuss the importance of writing but also getting media coverage. Video and news stories give valuable credibility and they can be used over and over again.

This interview is packed with a lot of “take-away” information to integrate and assist in creating a social media plan for your business.

Chuck Hester on Digital Business Hour


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Chuck Hester is a national and international speaker on the subject of Social Media for branding, media relations and helping others.  Chuck’s story is that he stumbled on the concept of how important it’s to develop on line relationships offline.  Chuck would make a point to have coffee with many of his Linkedin connections  and soon he created LinkedIn Live.  At these events, he found that he could really help people thus the book  “Pay it Forward” was born.

This interview will cover Chuck’s special tips such as;

Treat your Connections like they’re standing right in front of you.” Chuck also shares many of the actions that have become legendary stories that happened during his LinkedIn live events. One of Chuck’s challenge—who are you connected to online that you don’t know well but who may make a difference in your life or more importantly—in their life!

Chuck Hester is a LinkedIn Power connector with more than 11,500 direct connections. He is a well-know author and LinkedIn trainer. His book, Linking In to Pay it Forward: Changing the Value Proposition in Social Media is an informative look at how to use social media to help others while succeeding in business.


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