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Well I Never, Five Tech Developments We Didn’t See Coming

touchscreenThe world of modern technology moves so very quickly. It is difficult to keep abreast from week to week as scientists, computer experts and programmers come up with so many new and exciting developments.

Some innovations – such as the useful and fun Google Goggles – have come right out of nowhere in so far as the consciousness of the majority of the public is concerned.

Even mobile telephones with MMS capability, camera integration and web access are something which the public could never have imagined 15 years ago but which have become a necessity now. Other advances such as digital photo frames, mobile phone payments which work with scanners and online gaming with voice chat were hard to predict yet seemed likely with the way in which technology was headed for so long.

Here are just five of the most interesting developments in technology so far – we definitely didn’t see these ones coming!

iPod: The iPod is one of the iconic gadgets of our modern generation. Considering that the predecessor was the personal stereo CD player then this compact little machine really did amaze the general public. The gadget has come a very long way since the original came out and now boasts a touch screen, internet access, video capability, and an incredible amount of storage for games, music and apps.

Reverse image search: The reverse image search sites were a real innovation in themselves. To think that one could upload a photo and that software would find that item and all its relevant details on the internet was incredible.

Google Goggles has taken this technology mobile and through taking a simple photograph with a mobile phone you can find all manner of results on your chosen subject.

Cloud: Cloud computing is something which many in the know could have predicted. However, the way in which it has changed how we work forever is remarkable. By storing information and software on the internet, we now have access to our data in a way like never before.

Touch screens: We now take mobile phones with touch screens for granted and these can be purchased for a reasonable amount of money. However, when these first were introduced they were an incredible innovation.

Google Glass: Google Glass takes us into the realms of science fiction with its “augmented reality”. These streamlined glasses with a small screen above the right eye will give you information on your next appointment, the weather up ahead – and potentially so much more. This is one innovation which – if it caught on – would change the face of the world as we know it.


Sarah Paige is a writer with a keen interest in telecommunications. Sarah currently has her eye on cloud computing companies such as the Macquarie Telecom Group (ASX:MAQ). Follow her on twitter @sarahleepaige.

Social Marketing With Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words—a concept advertisers and marketers have practiced for years. As marketers switched to social media, though, photos were temporarily sidelined in favor of short snippets of text.

But the photo is coming back. Tweens and teens have flooded Instagram with photos of new outfits and artistic nail polish. As these all-too-impressionable young consumers browse through thousands of photos on various social media sites, marketers are learning that if you want to reach younger generations, a picture is worth morethan a thousand words.

Whether your marketing campaign is targeted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a combination of all of the above, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Keep It Interesting

Consumers log into social media sites for a variety of reasons, many of which revolve around being entertained. Pinterest and Instagram have become so successful because they provide a way for users to share concepts in one simple image, engaging them and inciting them to post comments.

But it’s important to come across as though you’re sharing interesting ideas rather than simply pushing a product. A sofa company, for instance, would do better to post photos of a uniquely-decorated room featuring their sofas rather than simply posting a photo of a sofa. A service-oriented business like a pest control company could post humorous photos of their workers, either on the job or hanging around the office. These photos humanize the business, making customers feel as though they are part of the family.

Run Contests

Several restaurant chains have invited customers to upload a picture of themselves dining in the restaurant to a social media site. For major chains, sometimes the promise of fifteen minutes of fame on a prominent social media site may be enough incentive to participate. However, smaller businesses may have to offer a large monetary prize. Customers will have fun and businesses will see their social media pages filled with interesting photos.

Pay Attention

The great thing about social media is that you’ll usually know instantly whether a photo is a hit with followers or not. Pay attention to your likes, shares, and retweets and note what time of day they happen. If some photos are more popular than others, stick with those types of photos in the future. You’ll begin to get a feel for your demographic in order to be able to better appeal to them after only a short time.

Remember, photos are only a part of social media marketing. Hashtags are still important, as are regular text updates. Don’t discount yourself as a personality in your social media campaigns. Some of the most successful social media campaigns involve the face of the company updating followers on their adventures as they travel, hang out with clients, and enjoy their own products.


john lessnauGuest Blogger:

During 2003, John Lessnau popularized Text Link Advertising when he founded John is working at doing the same thing 10 years later with social media links at his new website Social Link Mart is an open Social Media Link Marketplace for SEOs, website owners, and social media enthusiasts to buy Facebook likes or buy and sell Facebook Shares, Google Plus Shares, and Twitter Tweets. Social link sellers are ranked by social media authority which keeps the bots and spammers out and real people in.

A Place in the SEO Industry for Creative Majors!

Creative Majors Lucy MarkhamHaving been a career counselor for several years to students pursuing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, many of them were completely indifferent to how their creative major could lead to a successful career, even those who were as close as 2 semesters away from graduation. These students who have pursued degrees in the arts or creative field will need to make very careful decisions in the several months before graduation as they will need to decide to continue their education, find work in the competitive programs in art studios or teaching positions, or look for work in the business world and use their talents to enhance a company’s profile and marketing strategies.

While designing and creative positions are few and far between in most companies and usually require years of experience before you’ll even get a phone interview, Search Engine Optimization industry is exploding and SEO companies are terrific places for recent college graduates to bust into the world of business, marketing, design, and public relations. Many current students are wondering how their more artistic degree can be an equal competition to the more standard business degrees after putting on the cap and gown and diving head first into the workforce.

The great thing about SEO services from Toronto, New York, California and all across the US is that they normally cater to recent college graduates, or those nearly finished with their degree. These entry-level positions offered are in exciting and fun fields that are perfect for those with an education in the liberal arts, creative writing or design.

Some of these creative positions include:

Web and Software Designer

These designer are the true creative geniuses, they understand a little bit of HTLM and CSS coding, but they’re much more creative, innovative and ready to enhance the look of a company in mere hours or days through their work in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. These positions can pay a great starting wage, as the expertise and artistic skills needed are something that take time to hone and perfect for the business world.

Web/Software Coder

Coders speak a language that is unintelligible to most of us, and work with the designers to bring their conceptions to life on websites and in the company’s software. The complicated HTLM and CSS coding languages require more extensive training than a designer would get in regular art courses, and will provide you with a terrific paycheck just out of college.

Content Writer

This is where your humanities classes and your love of the home decorating and discovery channels will come in handy! Content writing for websites and blogs to enhance the link backs to a client’s site is a terrific position for the creative writing, literature, and even art history majors. You’ll write about everything from shoe polish to construction techniques, to SEO itself and research dozens of topics each day to provide quality content for the SEO company’s clients.


Fulfillment specialists are definitely a package deal and are a great way to use nearly all of the capacities in one position. While other positions are rushing to get their work done for the clients, you will be busy double checking their work, enhancing the quality of the content, and making sure that all the promises and contracts are fulfilled.

Social Media Specialist

This is perfect for those who spent more time on twitter while in their university’s library than they did on actual assignments. Social media is a terrific tool for marketing and promoting that most SEO companies have taken advantage of in recent years. As a Social Media Specialist you’ll understand the importance of linking items to other websites, and spreading the word through Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and of course, Twitter.

Get the use you want out of your creative degree and look into the thriving SEO industry after your graduation in 2013!


Lucy Markham worked as a career and academic counselor for several years and the University of Florida and is currently pursuing her degree in Education from the University of Utah.

5 WordPress Plugins To Optimise, Secure & Promote Your Site

WordPress now powers over 17.5% of all websites on the net, if you work in the online marketing industry, you’d be hard pressed not to have stumbled across a site that uses it as not just a blogging tool, but as a fully functional CMS.

“With great power comes great responsibility”

I personally run nearly all my websites on WordPress as a free platform it’s incredibly versatile and thanks to a very active development community, there are a number of mods, themes and plugins that can turn your site into a living breathing behemoth.

Unfortunately the barebones package of WordPress leaves something to be desired when it comes to optimisation, security and promotion. Fear not however as today I’m going to talk you through 5 WP plugins that your site shouldn’t be without!

Promotion & Optimisation

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

This plugin is an absolute godsend; it has multiple features that make multiple plugins redundant offering users the ability to customise post / category / tag titles and meta descriptions, robots meta configuration, canonical tags, breadcrumbs, cleaning up permalinks, generation of XML sitemaps + pinging and much more.

As a previous user of the “All in one SEO” plugin I can say that Yoast’s equivalent is vastly superior offering much more flexibility and it’s incredibly user friendly, meaning most users who aren’t familiar with WordPress should be able to use it without too much of a struggle.

Social Author Bio (or Equivalent)

Author Rank is hotly tipped to be an increasingly important ranking metric within the SERP’s. If you haven’t enabled the rel=author tag on your website, I’d highly recommend you do so immediately!

The Social Author Bio plugin is particularly helpful for wordpress sites that have multiple contributors and it ensures that each post is correctly attributed. I personally have a sitewide link pointing to my profile, but this isn’t always the best approach!

If you’re unfamiliar with Author Rank you can read up on the patent here or read more about it over at SEOmoz.

There are numerous benefits that come from implementing the rel=author tag including increased real estate within organic results.

The ability to see rough stats of your posts on external sites within Google Webmaster Tools:

I also believe there’s a cumulative effect on all of your content that has been published, so the more active you are and the more popular your posts are, the higher you’ll rank!

W3 Total Cache

Matt Cutts announced back in April 2010 that page speed incorporates page speed as a ranking factor. By default wordpress stores most of its data within a MySQL database, so every time you visit a page, it’ll make a call to that database and then output the data. For sites that have limited visitors this won’t have much of an effect on page load speeds, but when you’re on a server that’s being shared and start to see a significant uplift in traffic, page load times start to dwindle.

Thanks to the W3 Total Cache plugin you can reduce server load, increase page speed and ultimately increase user satisfaction as they don’t spend all day waiting for your page to load, which may result in a lower bounce rate and increased organic visibility!

All this from a plugin that takes just a few seconds to install.

Backup & Security

WordPress isn’t perfect and there have been many noted cases of security holes within many popular plugins and within WordPress itself. One of the most noted cases happened back in August 2011 where a serious vulnerability was discovered within TimThumb a popular image resizing script that was used by a number of theme developers.

Thankfully there are a few options available to WP users that can help you backup and safeguard your site from any hacking attempts and should the worst happen, at least you’ll have an up to date backup to restore!

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

I’m a big fan of cloud based backups, as the backups that you store on your personal computer have a tendency of getting lost, or people get lazy. With external backups you’ve got peace of mind, knowing that there will always be a copy available to you should you need it!

Better WP Security

Prevention is better than cure – however it usually takes a hacking attempt or a site loss before we realise this!

The better WP security plugin hides a number of known vulnerabilities within WordPress and offers users some basic tips and advice on how to prevent your login details from getting into the wrong hands.

Your Favourite Plugins

These are my top 5 recommended plugins; do you have a tweak or plugin that you just couldn’t live without? If so please let me know within the comments or let me know via G+ or Twitter!

Sebastian Cowie is the managing director and SEO consultant for SC Digital LTD. When he’s not exploring backlink profiles or increasing organic visibility and ROI for his clients he likes to unwind with a game of chess or by playing extreme death metal on his signature KKV BC Rich.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube for Marketing

youtube-icon-PNGLet’s just pretend that you want to find out how to tie a bow. Do a Google search and, besides a few top-rated articles, you will be served some instructional videos. You will be more likely to click on a video than on an article because in your case the former will be more helpful than the latter. After all, it’s easier to watch than to read. Now there’s a good chance that the video you’ve chosen comes from YouTube.

All online marketers use Facebook and Twitter, but many don’t use YouTube at all, or do it only marginally. That can prove to be a big mistake, as YouTube marketing has some significant benefits that no other social media sites have – not even Facebook and Twitter.

  • YouTube Is Free

It’s true that making videos and uploading them will take time, but it’s time well-invested. The video-uploading process is simple and convenient, and can be done across operating systems and devices. Probably no other video site is as optimized for mobile devices as YouTube is – uploading videos on the go is really, really easy. Once a video is uploaded it’s there forever, for everyone to view.

  • Search Engines Love Video Content

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines rank highly websites featuring video content. Many big brands, including Coca-Cola, tend to embed YouTube videos into their homepages and other primary pages. You can upload videos to your YouTube channel and then embed them in your web pages. Search engines will love you for it.

  • Reaches to a Global Audience

YouTube videos can help your business attract customers from all over the world. Using adequate keywords is important to target the right customers. But if you have a small local business, you can also target only local customers. YouTube, with hundreds of millions of users, is in the end one of the world’s largest and most visited sites, and it can propel your content into the global spotlight. If you want to build a YouTube audience faster, you might want to buy YouTube views, while it’s a conterversal subject and practice, the bottom line is its eyeballs on your content, after all is it so bad that budlight buys views during the superbowl?

  • Improves Your Reputation

Web users love helpful videos that solve their problems and give them practical tips, and they form a favorable opinion of those who create them. By showcasing your expertise through YouTube videos you gain the trust of customers, who will be more likely to buy your products or services. Not every business has the time or energy to create and distribute free content that helps customers though. Those that do stand out.

  • Builds Trust

A customer is more likely to make a purchase from a brand they trust. Social media marketing via YouTube is a highly effective way of building trust. By creating insider videos, you give faces to the people who run your business. If the faces are honest and friendly, you will be liked. Showing the location of your business is also a good idea.

  • Spreads Your Content Across the Web

YouTube videos are one of the most shared types of content on the Web. Video content that goes viral can bring you hundreds or even thousands of viewers to your site, and that means many new customers. A video with only 10,000 viewers can bring you a huge exposure. And when that video mentions or promotes a product, it always means increased sales.

The conclusion is that YouTube marketing has many advantages that simply cannot be ignored. Use it to your advantage.

Aishwarya Vohra is a blogger and an SEO expert. She writes on topics as different as internet marketing and parenting.

Create Your Own E-book For Free

kindle-ebookYou can create your own ebook in OpenOffice writer with this free Kindle template and EPUB generator from

Kindle Template and EPUB Generator Review

These days, if you want to self-publish a book, the easiest and least expensive way to do it is to make it an ebook. You can save a standard OpenOffice Writer document as a PDF, but it won’t be properly formatted for digital readers, like Kindle, Sony Reader, or Nook. With a free Kindle template for OpenOffice Writer, and a free EPUB generator, you can make sure your Writer file is the perfect size and format, so any digital reader can view your ebook or document exactly the way it was meant to be viewed. Use the free Kindle template and EPUB generator with OpenOffice Writer to take lecture notes that you can read on the go, publish your own digital magazine, or distribute an informative pamphlet. Anyone with a digital reader or other mobile device will be able to read your document easily, and without a lot of scrolling.

Kindle Template by RanRutenberg

Download this free Kindle template from to create an OpenOffice Writer document that will display perfectly on a Kindle screen. Standard Writer documents are designed to print on an A4 letter sized sheet of paper. A4 pages are too large to be properly displayed on a 6 inch wide Kindle screen. This free Kindle template formats any OpenOffice Writer document to print on an A6 sized sheet of paper, and it includes custom margins that make it the exact size of the Kindle’s screen.

EPUB Generator by Przemyslaw Rumik

PDF files can be viewed on a digital reader, but the best way to save a document for Kindle viewing is to save it in a digital reader format. EPUB files can be viewed on a Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. EPUB files can also be converted to the Kindle MOBI format with a free conversion program or web site. With this free EPUB generator for OpenOffice Writer, you can ensure that your document is compatible with any digital reader or mobile device. Simply download the extension from, install it, and click “Publish to EPUB” on any Writer document to start the conversion process. You will need to have installed additional XSLT filters. These can be installed by selecting “XML Filter Settings” from the OpenOffice “Tools” menu. If you want to publish an ebook, digital magazine, or save a document for easy viewing on your digital reader or mobile device, you can do it for free with a Kindle template and EPUB generator from ebooks can be viewed by almost anybody, either online, or on a mobile device with an Internet connection. Download the free Kindle template and EPUB generator from, and you can easily turn your OpenOffice Writer document into an ebook perfectly formatted for digital readers like Kindle, Sony Reader, and Nook.


Jen Heller Meservey is a freelance writer for Downloadhaus who loves discovering new software and being more productive with freeware apps. brings you the latest free, open source apps with no waiting times or download queues. Connect with Jen Heller Meservey on LinkedIn.

Copyrighting Color: How (And Why) To Do It


image sourceMarketing studies suggest that over 80% of visual information is related to colour. Seem unlikely? Try and picture the following in your mind: Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Cadbury and O2. Roughly 90% of you just saw specific shades of red, green, purple and blue. Not a phrase, not an advert, just those colours and maybe a vague logo.

It’s only recently companies have begun to appreciate how vital this aspect of brand management is, and to litigate accordingly: in the past few years Cadbury’s have trademarked their particular shade of purple; T-Mobile have sued a blog for using magenta in their logo; and Orange have laid claim not only to the colour but also the word itself.

For designers it’s a nightmare: with an ever-dwindling colour palette, creating that stand-out design becomes increasingly difficult. But there are plus sides. It’s harder than ever for copycat businesses to leech off your brand, and once you hit upon that perfect combination, the law will protect it as ferociously as your tagline.

Who Can Copyright a Colour?

Short answer: anyone. In the UK, trademarking your logo automatically registers those colours to your brand, and yours alone. There are, however, certain restrictions. Obviously, you need to check if anyone else has a claim on this colour first, and hold back all that design-money until you’re sure.

Secondly, your logo will need to pass the functionality test. This prevents companies from trademarking colours with pre-existing psychological or cultural associations. We associate green with nature, life, ‘organic’ products; therefore you will be unable to pursue a claim on green, unless you are working in a field where that association simply wouldn’t apply (e.g.: telecommunications).

Depending on your industry, defining functionality could get complicated. Louboutin spent a ton of money dragging Yves Saint Laurent through the courts last year, in an attempt to protect their red-soled shoe from imitation. While they did manage to get limited trademark, it only applies in very specific circumstances, with one judge ruling that, due to the nature of the fashion industry, all colour was essentially functional.

How to Get Your Colour-Scheme Protected

So you have a distinct colour-scheme for a unique product in your field that passes the functionality test. What’s the next step? According to U.S law, that colour needs to have taken on a ‘secondary meaning’ in the eyes of the public. Simply put: you can’t trademark cyan for your tableware range, unless a good chunk of the population now associate cyan with your cutlery. Therefore, you need to have been making this product range, without the help of copyright law, for some time already.

It’s not just the USA either. Australian law requires a ‘record of colour use’ before a trademark will be considered, with the colour in question being used ‘intensively and extensively’ over a period of time. After all, if you could pre-emptively trademark a colour the system would be wide open to abuse from professional litigants. Make sure the colour is demonstrably yours.

How It Will Apply

First, your trademark will only apply in your industry. While T-Mobile may have sued a blog for using magenta, the blog in question was concerned with mobile phones; AKA telecommunications, AKA T-Mobile’s industry. If I want to open a delivery service tomorrow and spray all my trucks magenta, there’s nothing they can do about it. Colours are defined by industry.

Secondly, you will only be protected worldwide if you apply to be. In the EU this is via a Community Trade Mark. Make no mistake, what you consider ‘your’ colour may already be in use elsewhere in the world, and will cause a severe headache if you end up going global. Just see the difficulty faced by apple bringing their trademarked ‘iTV’ over to the UK (where the name doesn’t carry quite the same connotations).

At the end of the day, copyrighting colour is a minefield any growing business will need to navigate. While it may seem a headache, try and imagine how you’ll feel if a rival company gets there first.

Attached Images:

Article contributed by Alfie Davenport, who writes for a printing and binding company,; who are specialists in booklets, catalogues and business card printing.

What does networking mean for you?

You’re in the conference room of a very grey office building. Twenty others are milling about in name tags. You’re juggling a whole armload of armour, glass of red in your right hand and a cocktail napkin in your left, three vegetable tartlets precariously stacked. The big conundrum is not how you are going to introduce yourself and make a good impression, but how you might possibly get one of those tartlets in your mouth whilst maintaining some measure of dignity. Ugh. Rewind.

Networking needn’t be so unpleasant. The old ways are slowly giving way to new traditions. It’s time to get creative. What works for you? Networking is infinitely more effective when carried out in a way that is uniquely you. Where are you most comfortable connecting? Under what circumstances do your talents really shine? Those are the events you should seek out.networking

Let’s clear some things up first. By networking, I mean connecting in the following way:

  1. live and in person
  2. with (relative) strangers
  3. on a professional level

What about social media?

Social media is a kind of networking, but it isn’t really connecting. It can however be a great conduit for the real thing. LinkedIn, for example, is a good way to make an initial caonnection and source out people you’re interested in meeting. A few meaningful messages exchanged online can open the door to a close professional relationship. Making the connecting live and in person is the vital next step. Would you sign a contact or hire a new employee who existed for you solely online?

How to stand out 

The trick we’re all trying to master, of course, is to appear both interesting and interested. To begin with, you must select the event wisely. Avoid generic networking groups like the plague. Who is your target market? For example, if you’re in the health industry, you might be interested in events that draw doctors, nurses or other health professionals. Don’t limit yourself to “networking events” specifically.  Conferences and public speaking engagements are a great way to connect with like minds.

How about organising an event yourself? Do you belong to a LinkedIn group you are particularly fond of? Here you have the added benefit of knowing who might be there and doing some research ahead of time. Get informed about who they are and what they do. Prepared questions generally come off rather canned, but if you have some extra info under your wing, the conversation will flow easier.  Whatever the event you’re attending, it wouldn’t hurt to bone up on the latest news in the industry. You need to be prepared for whatever conversation comes up. The latest news in the business is a great conversation starter, much more interesting than the weather.

Network everywhere, all the time

Networking is part of life. You can do it on the train, in the lobby of your building, at lunch and at the races. Remember, your network grows exponentially with every new contact you make. There is always the potential to connect further with your contact’s contacts and so on and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

Some tips:

Have a drink or have a snack, not both. You need a free hand for shaking and gesturing.

Don’t drink too much. You need to keep your wits about you. Sip slowly. When even one else gets tipsy, you’ll have the upper hand.

Don’t hang around the buffet table. You’re not there to hang with the shy people. Get out there where the cool kids are.

Do your research. Your time is precious. Attend the right events.

Shake things up. Try different types of events. Put yourself in unusual situations. Give a speech. Make joke once in awhile.

Amy Knapp is a business blogger based in Sydney, AUS, writing regularly for Australian Job Search – InsideTrak. Educated in Law and the Fine Arts, her work champions the marriage of the creative and the corporate.

Productivity Killers of a Writer

We writers are a blessed breed as not many other people get to sit around doing nothing all day long. We get to go to the beach whenever we feel like it, go to the pub for lunch and choose to stay there for the rest of the day, or just watch mindless rubbish on TV all day long. For some people, spending the entire time watching Jeremy Kyle and home shopping channels on TV while drinking endless cups of tea is a dream come true and writers get to live that dream, or at least that’s what some people seem to think. The reality, of course, is that watching TV doesn’t pay the rent and we do actually have to get some work done from time to time, although even well-disciplined workers can still find their productivity suffering if they are not careful. However by simply keeping away from some of the biggest productivity killers you will be well on the way to actually getting something done.

Don’t Be a Twit

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will destroy your productivity levels if you allow them to. What’s more is that it is not as though you are spending your time doing something constructive because playing bubble blast or reading what your friends have had for breakfast today contributes absolutely nothing towards getting your jobs done. The best way to avoid the output sapping platforms from resulting in you making no money is to not turn them on in the first place. Keep your tabs open only to the web pages that you really do need and once you have finished all of your tasks, you are then free to watch videos of funny animals on Facebook at your leisure.

Just One More Game

copywritingStart up the PS3 to finally beat that level on Black Ops and you had might as well say goodbye to the chances of getting a single word written. Once you have started playing, getting separated from the console becomes more difficult than splitting the atom and the concept of time becomes lost in the challenge of hitting the triangle and circle buttons at exactly the right moments. If you are thinking to yourself: “I’ll turn it off after just one game”, then think again. Keep well away from the machine; don’t even look at it and you might stand a chance of getting those blogs written after all.

Checking Up On the News

No you’re not. You’re not checking up on the news at all, you’re just making an excuse to do something other than working and you know it. You only checked 30 minutes ago anyway so what do you suppose has happened within that half an hour that so urgently requires your attention? Besides, even if something tragic has happened why does it require your attention at all? A huge earthquake in some part of the world for example, is a tragedy indeed but how does you reading about it make the slightest bit of difference to anything? You can still read the news later once you have completed your work so just keep focused on completing your tasks and you can give the news all of your attention later.

It can be all too easy to make excuses or to get lost in something else and before you know it, the working day is over and you have managed to do nothing. Remember to keep your discipline, recognise and keep away from those things that are a distraction to you getting things done and you should find that you are productive and soon delivering quality pieces well within deadlines.

Ian Arnison-Phillips is a copywriter for Apple Copywriters. If you are still struggling to find the motivation and discipline to get your guest blogging finished, we have professional writers who are ready and waiting to help you out.

How Modular Booth Designs Increase Trade Show Portability

nimlok modular trade show displayConsidering the time and money that businesses pour into their trade booths, it makes sense that the trade booths would be designed with longevity in mind. After all, why invest hours on top of hours, or thousands of dollars, into designing and/or buying your booth if it will only be used once? You want to make sure your booth looks professional and that it will meet all of your company’s needs. You want it to attract customers, but it is also important that it be easy to set up and take down, that the complicated logistics of transporting it do not outweigh the benefits of using it in the first place. Modular booth designs are a great option for many businesses, largely because they are so portable. But there are other benefits to modular designs as well. Let’s review some of these benefits.

Great portability

Let’s face it: not every booth representative is also a handyman. In fact, most are not. So why do companies sometimes expect their employees to know the intricacies of setting up and taking down a trade show booth? Modular display booths are built to go up and come down quickly and easily, without the need for complicated tools or expertise in carpentry. A booth that can be quickly disassembled saves your employees a lot of hassle, stress, and time. It also makes it easier to transport the booth as smaller pieces, requiring lower baggage fees or less room in the trunk of a car.

Display flexibility

Another benefit of modular booth designs, closely related to portability, is that modular booths are scalable – that means that you can use only a small part of the display booth when you do not need the full-size kiosk, or when you have two conferences the same week and want to have booths at both. This can also be very helpful for adjusting to different space requirements. Some trade shows will allow you the space for your whole booth, others will only allot you enough room for half. Using a modular display lets you scale the booth to the size you need.

Saving money

Many businesses shy away from modular booths because they have a higher sticker price. But the truth is that this needs to be viewed as investment: spending more upfront will save you money down the road. Instead of buying multiple booths for multiple shows, you can buy one booth for use at a number of different shows. You will also save money on transporting the booth, making it an even better investment. Finally, the time you and your representatives save in taking the booth apart and putting it back together also should be viewed as a saved cost. Time is money, after all.

Functional flexibility

Besides being scalable in size, many modular booths are also flexible in their shapes. Many can be reconfigured or reorganized to fit into odd floor spaces. Depending on your needs, you can make a booth that is wide open or a booth that is enclosed and intimate. This will come in extra handy if you want to open your booth to the public for part of the day, and then close it off to only specific kinds of potential customers later in the afternoon.

Modular booth designs are a great way to save time and money while making your booth more flexible.

About the Guest Blogger:

Justine Savage works at Nimlok, a company that provides custom trade show solutions, including modular trade show displays.


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