Adobe Test and Target vs Optimizely

Since custom creating relevant offers for your clients is more important than ever before, marketers are now investing their own creative energies into perfecting landing pages, campaigns and offers. However, they may still be having difficulty determining which is delivering the best and most relevant messages to their prospective or current consumers?

Adobe Test and Target

Adobe’s Test and Target is provided by Unilytics as part of their services to help optimize web site landing pages, increase campaign conversions, and supply visitors with specific content.

Automated Predictive Learning – Your visitors interest can be learned by this system instead of being predefined by business rules or market segments. Visitors and clicks are scored uniquely so that offers with focused targeting are delivered to the relevant audiences.

Segmented Targeting – Users can target content to different types or groups of visitors based on their own marketer-defined segments.

Extendable Customer Profiles – User profiles can have the customers attributes added that can help place important offline data such as credit scores, product holdings, time on file and more non-personally identifiable but valuable information in a safe and easy to retrieve location.

Automated Campaign Management – User will be able to direct site traffic in response to specific visitor behavior including variables such as product promos or email communications.

Adobe Test & Target Basics

Check out this great video that shows how to manage the very basics of Adobe’s Test & Target.



Optimizely also allows users to run their own series of A/B test on sites by adding a very simple JavaScript snippet. A/B test can be custom configured to meet the needs of your site specifically and is easily managed from the users Dashboard. The site has added a handful of new features that include the option to integrate with Google Analytics so that users can track their own metrics within Google Analytics dashboard if they prefer that over the one offered by Optimizely.

Features of Optimizely

There are many features that will make using the Optimizely Dashboard preferable.

Easy Page Editing – Visual changes can be made quickly on any text, images, layouts or elements on your page.

Automatic Goal Tracking – There will be no need to pre-set goals before beginning a marketing experiment or campaign. As long as your Java snippet is on your page you are ready to go.

Track Multiple Goals – If your funnel has multiple steps you can easily measure all of them.

Intro to Optimizely

This video is an incredible look into Optimizely for your business.



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