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Creative Majors Lucy MarkhamHaving been a career counselor for several years to students pursuing their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, many of them were completely indifferent to how their creative major could lead to a successful career, even those who were as close as 2 semesters away from graduation. These students who have pursued degrees in the arts or creative field will need to make very careful decisions in the several months before graduation as they will need to decide to continue their education, find work in the competitive programs in art studios or teaching positions, or look for work in the business world and use their talents to enhance a company’s profile and marketing strategies.

While designing and creative positions are few and far between in most companies and usually require years of experience before you’ll even get a phone interview, Search Engine Optimization industry is exploding and SEO companies are terrific places for recent college graduates to bust into the world of business, marketing, design, and public relations. Many current students are wondering how their more artistic degree can be an equal competition to the more standard business degrees after putting on the cap and gown and diving head first into the workforce.

The great thing about SEO services from Toronto, New York, California and all across the US is that they normally cater to recent college graduates, or those nearly finished with their degree. These entry-level positions offered are in exciting and fun fields that are perfect for those with an education in the liberal arts, creative writing or design.

Some of these creative positions include:

Web and Software Designer

These designer are the true creative geniuses, they understand a little bit of HTLM and CSS coding, but they’re much more creative, innovative and ready to enhance the look of a company in mere hours or days through their work in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. These positions can pay a great starting wage, as the expertise and artistic skills needed are something that take time to hone and perfect for the business world.

Web/Software Coder

Coders speak a language that is unintelligible to most of us, and work with the designers to bring their conceptions to life on websites and in the company’s software. The complicated HTLM and CSS coding languages require more extensive training than a designer would get in regular art courses, and will provide you with a terrific paycheck just out of college.

Content Writer

This is where your humanities classes and your love of the home decorating and discovery channels will come in handy! Content writing for websites and blogs to enhance the link backs to a client’s site is a terrific position for the creative writing, literature, and even art history majors. You’ll write about everything from shoe polish to construction techniques, to SEO itself and research dozens of topics each day to provide quality content for the SEO company’s clients.


Fulfillment specialists are definitely a package deal and are a great way to use nearly all of the capacities in one position. While other positions are rushing to get their work done for the clients, you will be busy double checking their work, enhancing the quality of the content, and making sure that all the promises and contracts are fulfilled.

Social Media Specialist

This is perfect for those who spent more time on twitter while in their university’s library than they did on actual assignments. Social media is a terrific tool for marketing and promoting that most SEO companies have taken advantage of in recent years. As a Social Media Specialist you’ll understand the importance of linking items to other websites, and spreading the word through Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and of course, Twitter.

Get the use you want out of your creative degree and look into the thriving SEO industry after your graduation in 2013!


Lucy Markham worked as a career and academic counselor for several years and the University of Florida and is currently pursuing her degree in Education from the University of Utah.

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