A Picture is Worth 1,000 Shares

16%.  That’s the number of Facebook fans that actually see your page posts.  16%.  That’s it.  If you have 100 fans, then only 16 are seeing your posts at any given time.  That’s not very much.  Not at all. And, did you know that Facebook ranks your posts based upon a mathematical formula called “EdgeRank”?  And that EdgeRank takes three things into account in how it shows your posts – affinity (how often a fan interacts with your page and posts), weight (shares v. likes v. comments), and time decay (how new is the comment)?

So, how can we get our posts in front of more eyes?

Pictures (and video).  That’s how.

Facebook ranks photos and videos as content that is important, thereby allowing you to increase your reach and increase the likelihood that your post will be seen by more people.

But, what kinds of photos will get you those increased eyeballs?

1.  One of the best uses of photos is having your friends and users upload pictures of your brand or product.  That way their friends will see the picture posted on your wall and will (hopefully) be interested enough in sharing the picture and visiting your page (increasing your reach).

2.  Post screenshots of whatever you are trying to demonstrate or need to discuss.  Every hint and tip is better when we can see it directly.  What makes these pictures even better is our ability to annotate them.  Highlight exactly what you are discussing or trying to demonstrate.

3.  Make sure all pictures you upload (whether to Facebook or your website) have actual descriptive file names.  Never use the generic “IMG12345.jpg!  It tells us nothing about the picture and will actually lower the chance that the file will be shared.  To say nothing of the complete lack of keyword optimization.

4.  Use picture sharing sites like Instagram and Flickr to increase the reach of your pictures.  And, if using Instagram, make sure to add a little personality to your pictures by choosing an image filter.

5.  And make sure to invite discussion.  If you are using a screenshot, ask if your audience has any questions.  If uploading a candid picture from Instagram, invite comments and suggestions.  Make sure to be engaging in your text, as well as your photos.

The use of photos (and videos) is only limited by your imagination.  It is an opportunity to give personality to your brand.  An opportunity to engage your audience visually.  An opportunity to relate.

How are you using photos to increase your reach?  Have any photos that really exploded?  Please share below!



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