A Look At Mobile Marketing [INTERNSHIP]

2d Mobile Barcode Scanning Instant VisibilityMobile marketing is sky rocketing due to smart phones and advanced technologies coming about. Mobile marketing is marketing on a mobile device or through the means of any wireless network. This includes cell phones and tablets. Mobile marketing is an extension of online marketing that focuses on targeted audiences viewing ads on their mobile devices.

Mobile ads command a lower price on average than web and print advertisements. With so many people owning a cell phone or tablet, mobile marketing is the least expensive way to advertise. Mobile marketing includes SMS and MMS, display ads, QR codes, mobile websites, mobile apps, and more.

SMS (short message service) is a great way for businesses to make sure they are reaching out to their audience. By taking advantage of the SMS feature on mobile phones, businesses can create brand awareness by informing their subscribers of new product or service information through text messaging. SMS has expanded quickly as a new channel to reach the consumers. MMS (multimedia messaging service) has taken SMS to a different level by including pictures, videos, and sounds. By adding pictures, videos, and sounds, this makes the ad more persuasive. This gives the consumers more appealing content instead of just words. Pictures, videos, and sounds gives the advertisement a lot more visibility because it’s more interesting to the eye.

Setting up a mobile website is a lot easier than it looks. This process takes your existing website content and formats it for a mobile screen. This makes it much easier for a consumer to browse your site. WordPress has plugins that may help you through the process of making your website mobile. There are many other websites that can turn your website into a mobile one, simply Google “mobile website converter”.

Another way to advertise your business through mobile networks is to claim your business on a location-based platform. This lets your customers “check-in” with sites like foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter, gaining your visibility to other possible consumers. While on a website, it would be ideal for your business’ ad to “pop up”. Running a mobile ad campaign is a good idea for visibility. While roaming on the internet a person can see that your new restaurant is nearby and offers a unique experience.

QR codes (quick response codes) are those little bar like squares that are able to be scanned. There are getting increasingly popular because they are easy to use. The only downside to QR codes is that they can only be scanned by smart phones. Using websites like Beetagg.com allows you to download the QR code that you want to launch. QR codes bring you to that business app. Mobile apps are a huge success so far in smart phones and tablets. Apps are sometimes the main reason a person would want to get a smart phone or tablet. Apps are like mobile websites but offer something different. You can make your app free or cost money, it is up to you. People prefer apps over websites because apps are easier to navigate and are different than a typical website. Variety is always key.

Mobile technology is the future. Soon as we know it everyone will own a smart phone and or tablet. Mobile marketing is doable for any small business or large corporation. It is a way for a company to connect to their audience anytime and anywhere. It comes in handy because people are always on the go and always on their cell phones. Bringing advertisements to their finger tips is definitely a smart move.


 The content in this article is part of Digital Ethos’s Digital Media Education in the Higher Education Internship Program, the content was created by @KaylaMarzo, a Student at Suffolk County Community college, intern at Digital Ethos.

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