4 Top Internet Business Ventures to Keep an Eye On

By now, almost everyone knows about a little thing called the Internet. While it’s not necessarily healthy to surf the Web all day long (ahem, Facebook and Twitter addicts), the Internet can provide a little respite from that less than enjoyable task called work. New applications and websites are popping up every day; there’s literally something for everyone. Well, Internet junkies, make room on your Favorites bar as we take a look at 5 of the top Internet ventures to keep an eye on.

1. Pinterest

An online pinboard, Pinterest users may collect their interests and “pin” them to a designated area, virtually of course. Browse through categories like Apparel, DIY and Crafts, Gardening, Home Décor, Travel and Places, and Wedding- which isn’t even half of them. Once you see a picture you like, you may either “Like” it, “Pin” it, or “Comment” on it. Choosing the “Pin” it option will then pin that picture to whatever board you created for such a category. Clicking on the picture will take you to the website where you may purchase or read more about that item. Bottom line: Pinterest organizes your wants, needs, desires via a virtual pinboard and it makes shopping a heck of a lot easier. Check it out for yourself and be prepared to be amazed.

2. Pingram

Who ever thought to mash two of the biggest Internet crazes into one is a complete genius. Pingram, which is a combination of Pinterest and Instagram, allows users to browse through Instagram feeds, popular photos, and comments- all using Pinterest’s layout. Mind-blowing, right? The site may peeve off some Instagram users however, as people may pin other users’ Instagram photos directly to their own Pinterest site. There are some developments on how that can be prevented though, but they’re still in the works. If you can get past that, Pingram sounds like a pretty cool concept.

3. Life With Siri

Okay, so this website is targeted towards iPhone users, but others can view it as well and get a chuckle. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Miss Siri, she is the saucy iPhone personal assistant who assists with anything from directions to advice on love. LifeWithSiri.com is a site where people can view all of the hilarious and cute things Siri has to say as well as gain some helpful tips on how to improve your relationship with her- professionally speaking. The site is updated daily so you won’t miss a beat when it comes to keeping up with Apple’s gal pal.

4. Klout

Ever wonder how many people truly are interested in your social media life? Klout is a numeric representation of your social media influence, or reach, based off of your activity on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and any other social media sites you’re involved in. How many followers you have, how much interaction you have from them, and how much interaction, or klout, your followers have from other people is all taken into account. This site proves to be quite a valuable marketing tool as companies use it to gauge how many people are interested in their products. The higher the Klout scores, the more perks (or giveaways) for consumers.  Companies like Schick and Neutrogena have been known to give followers such giveaways. You don’t need an online business degree to know that this site can totally benefit any company. It also would be interesting to see how many people are actually attentive to what you’re doing in your life- and hey, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Kristy Greene, a freelance writer from California, writes about anything related to the Internet and business. Recently, Kristy has covered online business degree programs and other online college certificate programs.

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